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"Risk - let's get this straight up front - is good. The point of risk management is not to eliminate it; that would eliminate reward. The point is to manage it - that is, to choose where to place bets and where to avoid betting altogether."

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15|07|2016 Press Review 02.07.2016 - 08.07.2016

July 08

Passengers are asked not to use the “purple” subway line at evening rush hour

Motion Interval Violet Metro lines will be increased to three minutes in the evening rush hour because of early morning fire at the “Vykhino” station. This was reported in the official Twitter of the subway. Passengers are requested to use other subway lines or rail. Fully motion on “purple” branch be restored in the morning, the chief promised subway Dmitry Pegov and apologized for the incident.

The electric cars sound announcements about the incident on “Vykhino” and that all passengers with tickets to this station can take advantage of access to other stations without restrictions. However, as found out TASS correspondent, supervisors Central Suburban Passenger Company is not permitted to passengers with tickets to the railway station Vykhino go to other nearby stations and require pay the fare.

According to one of the passengers, the supervisors said that the incident in the “Vykhino” is not a basis for stowaway passage at the station. “I stood in line in 20 minutes, I turned around and asked to buy a ticket to the output Such actions are outrageous.” — Complained the agency, noting that late for work for 40 minutes.

Meanwhile TSPPK on the site says that the passage through the turnstiles Kazan direction, on the contrary, is simplified. “Ticket to Vyhino possible to exit through a commuter turnstiles at other stopping points Kazan direction, interchange with Metro — New, Electrozavodskaya, Kazansky railway station”, — the press-service.

Prior to the full recovery of movement in the area of ​​compensation will ride buses problematic stations “M”. Along the route of the passage at the Volgograd prospectus temporarily prohibited parking, told “Interfax” the press service of the Center for the organization of traffic.

July 07

In the south of Moscow, the police seized more than 1.5 million counterfeit rubles

Police officers detained in the capital’s cafes suspected of selling counterfeit money in the amount of 1.5 million rubles. This TASS reported the press service of the capital cupola MIA.

During the operational activities of the suspects got rid of operatives who worked under cover, more than 1 million counterfeit rubles, while trying to sell another batch of $ 500 thousand. Rubles were detained. “They were three natives of the Caucasus between the ages of 25 to 50 years”, — said the police.

According to this criminal case under Part. 1, Art. 186 of the Criminal Code ( “Production, storage, transportation or sale of counterfeit money or securities”).

“Police seized fake notes, mobile communications and documents”, — added in the press-service, noting that the police is carrying out activities to establish the other band members and locations of manufacturing counterfeit money.

Earlier Thursday, about the arrest on the Kiev railway station in Moscow, three natives of Tajikistan on suspicion of sale of 150 thousand. Rubles forged through payment terminals said control site transport Russian Interior Ministry in the Central Federal District. “The young people have confessed what he had done,” — noted in the management, adding that the police establish the place of production of counterfeit money, and a channel of supply in Moscow.

July 06

On Novy Arbat fire occurred in the area of ​​street reconstruction

As the correspondent of “Echo of Moscow”, a fire broke out in the region of 10 pm near the “Arbatskaya” metro station, close to the roadway. The flames rose above the car level, passing near the scene. Street cinched black smoke. The ministry argued that lights up construction debris. There were no survivors.

July 05

On Wednesday declared “orange” level of danger weather

In the Moscow region on July 6 announced “orange” level of risk due to the high probability of fires, according Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia.

“Orange” level means that the weather is dangerous. There is a risk of natural disasters, damage. This is the third, penultimate level in the color scale of the dangers of nature. The fourth level, red means that the weather is so dangerous that there is potential for catastrophic consequences.

04 July

Several streets of the capital on Tuesday will block due to the Eid al-Adha

On the day of the celebration of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha in Moscow will be closed to traffic for a number of streets, informed “Interfax” on Monday, the press service of the Moscow police cupola.

“In connection with the events dedicated to the religious holiday, on July 5 will be restricted the movement of vehicles, including the public, on a number of streets: from 04:00 to 11:00 on the streets of Durov, Gilyarovskogo, philistine, Shchepkina Vypolzovo lane, and Tolmachevsky as Old lane, Small Tatar lane, Bolshaya Tatarskaya street Novokuznetskaya, Ozerkovskaya lane and Protopopovskiy lane ”, - said the press officer.

In addition, the movement limit from 01:00 am to 11:00 am on the streets of Minsk on Mosfilm Street to Kutuzovsky Prospekt, from 5 am to 11 am — understudy for Andropov avenue from the park 60 years of October, as well as single-carriageway lane Khachaturian of the street from the highway to Altufievskoe Pleasing street.

The press service added that as of 5 am to 11 am there is a limit traffic on the street Yuzhnobutovskaya from street to street Ostafevskoy Bunin alley.

“GU MVD Moscow appeals to all drivers with a request to advance to choose alternative routes,” — said the press officer.

July 03

A lightning strike damaged aircraft on the landing at Sheremetyevo

Tail A321, en route flight from Greek Thessaloniki airport, was damaged by a powerful electric discharge. The incident occurred on the eve of, 3 July, during a lightning storm, raging in the capital region. According to sources Lajfa, the pilot reported to dispatchers that while landing his plane was struck by lightning at an altitude of about 1000 meters. Fortunately, there were no casualties. Detailed information about the damages specified. Note from other areas of Moscow and Moscow over the weekend received information not only about the victims, but the victims of the bad weather. So, as a result of a lightning strike on one of the beaches of the capital killed two people who were in love couple. In addition, from a lightning strike in the metropolitan park near Fili injured 13-year-old.

July 02

The central portion of the “Orange Branches” Moscow Metro will close on Sunday

“July 3 (Sunday) station” Sukharevskaya “,” Turgenev, “China Town” and “Tretyakov” Kaluga-Riga line will be closed due to renovation work, “- said on the official website of the Moscow Metro on Twitter.

In this regard, the train will run only on sites “Medvedkovo” — “Prospekt Mira” and “October” — “Novoyasenevskaya”.