Visão (Portuguese) = Vision – the ability to imagine how a country, society, industry, etc. could develop in the future and to plan in a suitable way.

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"Risk - let's get this straight up front - is good. The point of risk management is not to eliminate it; that would eliminate reward. The point is to manage it - that is, to choose where to place bets and where to avoid betting altogether."

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10|01|2012 Press Review 31.12.2011 - 6.01.2012

January, 6

In the south-east of Moscow there was a fight with a weapon, hit three people

Law enforcers have opened a criminal case against a 29 year old newcomer from Makhachkala, who on the night of the shooting on Friday gave a shop around the south-east of Moscow.
According to authorities, the conflict took place in a convenience store at the Volgograd Prospekt. After that, one of the participants ensuing fight took out a gun and fired several shots at his opponents. Three people received various injuries and were hospitalized.

"In a preliminary study of the seized weapons became clear that this self-made rifled gun craftsmanship adapted to fire rounds of 9 mm. With respect to detainees prosecuted.

27|12|2011 Press Review 17.12.2011 - 23.12.2011

The raiders stole cash collectors in Moscow up to 210 million rubles

Moscow. On December 23. INTERFAX.RU - The sum stolen from collectors in downtown Moscow money could exceed 200 million rubles, "Interfax" a law enforcement source.
"According to preliminary data, which have voiced themselves affected carriers of money on the street Sadovnicheskaya three unknown stole their bag, which could be up to 210 million rubles", - said the source.
The press service of the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in Moscow, "Interfax" have confirmed that in Sadovnicheskaya street in house number 74 was an attack on the carriers money.

19|12|2011 Press Review 10.12.2011 - 16.12.2011

Two dissatisfied customers started a fight with a staff cafe and ended up in hospital

Dissatisfied customers are an Italian cafe a fight with two people and institutions they themselves have suffered, "Interfax" spokesperson of the group ATC for the Southern Administrative District Valery Buzovkin.

12|12|2011 Press Review 03.12.2011 - 09.12.2011

From a man with a knife in Moscow could suffer from 8 to 12 people

Moscow. On December 9. INTERFAX.RU - Number of victims of the men running around with a knife in the yards to the north-east of Moscow, up to 12 people,"Interfax" a law enforcement source.
"According to preliminary data, the number of victims on the street Korneychuck can range from eight to 12 people," - said the source.
According to him, on Friday afternoon a young man began to inflict stab woundswithout cause visitors to the pharmacy on the street Korneichuk, 37, and then jumpedinto the street, where he continued to attack people without cause with a foldingpocketknife.
"After a while the police arrested the assailant, who is in a state of acute psychosisand totally inadequate. According to some, it may be a drug addict, this informationwill be checked," - said the source of "Interfax".
According to him, the detainee - a resident of Shatura Alexei Arbuzov, born in 1984,he transferred to emergency psychiatric care physicians, which is under escort.

05|12|2011 Press Review 26.11.2011 - 02.12.2011

Four young people injured in a brawl in Moscow

Moscow. December 2. INTERFAX.RU - A quarrel between two groups of young people at the grocery store on the south-east of Moscow ended in a fight in the street and shooting, "Interfax" a law enforcement source.
"In the room of the grocery store, located on the street, Saratov, two groups of young people that is not shared, then a quarrel between them," - said the source.
Elucidation of relationships young people continued on the street, where verbal sparring soon turned into a fight in which one of its members opened fire from a traumatic gun at their opponents.
"As a result of the incident affected four people. Two young men aged 21 and 31 years with gunshot wounds were hospitalized, and two others injured participants - 25-year-old man and 21-year-old girl - after medical treatment were discharged home , "- said the source.
He noted that after shooting the man who discovered her, disappeared along with his friends.

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