Visão (Portuguese) = Vision – the ability to imagine how a country, society, industry, etc. could develop in the future and to plan in a suitable way.

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"Risk - let's get this straight up front - is good. The point of risk management is not to eliminate it; that would eliminate reward. The point is to manage it - that is, to choose where to place bets and where to avoid betting altogether."

Thomas Stewart, Fortune



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Due Diligence

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Forthcoming mergers, joint venture establishments, investments, purchases or sales of a company – in order to mitigate potential risks related to these operations Visao offers its Due Diligence service.

Due Diligence service allows you to familiarize yourself with the counterparty’s business activities and practices, confirm the nature of business and legitimacy of profit, review the core assets, evaluate financial ability and investment attractiveness, as well as to analyze the associated risks to your reputation.

The Due Diligence report developed on the basis of integrated research includes the following sections:

  • General profile of a Company (history, business activities, market share, etc.);
  • Ownership / Shareholding structure (corporate structure, beneficial owners and/or major shareholders);
  • Business activities / Operational structure (assets, business development strategy);
  • Management (key individuals in the Company/general profile, background screening);
  • Compliance Risks (political; criminal; corruption; tax issues);
  • Conclusions and recommendations.

Identification of any significant financial, legal, reputation, tax or other risks will help you to make a right decision regarding potential cooperation with counterparty.

The reporting process takes from approximately 7 to 10 working days. The project completion period may vary depending on volume and urgency of an order.