Visão (Portuguese) = Vision – the ability to imagine how a country, society, industry, etc. could develop in the future and to plan in a suitable way.

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"Risk - let's get this straight up front - is good. The point of risk management is not to eliminate it; that would eliminate reward. The point is to manage it - that is, to choose where to place bets and where to avoid betting altogether."

Thomas Stewart, Fortune



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Pre-Employment Screening

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Do you risk hiring a new employee? How much can you really learn from a resume or a short job interview? And after all, is the information provided in the candidate’s CV true and complete or it contains falsehoods and needs to be checked? Visao offers a unique Pre-Employment Screening service designed to foresee and mitigate potential risks associated with the hiring of new staff.

For more than 10 years of working in the field of Pre-Employment Screening Visao has become the field expert and has developed know-how methods of conducting such investigations. The integral part of the search is interviewing of a client to ascertain the details of the hire, cover critical issues and responsibilities of a potential employee.

Finally, to make an intelligent choice regarding a potential candidate you will get the tools you require with the help of a report that includes verification of the following information:

  • Personal data;
  • Education (higher, postgraduate, additional, MBA, etc.);
  • Employment history (positions occupied, durations, etc);
  • Person’s reputation and colleagues’ references (general impression, qualification, performance, professionalism, teamwork skills);
  • Public performance (public appearance, conference participation, publications);
  • Violations of law and Current litigations;
  • Conclusion and recommendations.

Should the client have any specific requirements, the report may be customized to the additional needs.

The regular Pre-Employment procedure takes from three to five working days; however, the project completion period may vary depending on clients’ specific needs, volume and urgency of an order. 

At Visao, we know that time spent for Pre-Employment Screening is money, and it’s a luxury you can’t always afford. That’s why we do our best to provide you with the information you need in a timely and efficient manner. Don’t do it yourself, entrust the task to professionals whose experience in the field exceeds 10 years.

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