Visão (Portuguese) = Vision – the ability to imagine how a country, society, industry, etc. could develop in the future and to plan in a suitable way.

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"Risk - let's get this straight up front - is good. The point of risk management is not to eliminate it; that would eliminate reward. The point is to manage it - that is, to choose where to place bets and where to avoid betting altogether."

Thomas Stewart, Fortune



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"Hot line" service

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Visao Quick Response Center (Emergency Hot Line) offers consulting services to its clients in pre-crisis, emergency and extreme situations.

Visao Quick Response Center offers the following services:

  • Real-time phone advice of the duty officer for the purpose of obtaining rapid qualified aid or supplemental information;
  • Call for Quick Response Team  (QRT) to render assistance to the Client at the place of accident;
  • Panel guarding of apartments, offices and other premises using security and fire alarm systems followed by dispatching of the Quick Response Team  (QRT) after receipt of an alarm signal to the central control panel.

 During the working day the Quick Response Center officers perform the following duties:

  • 24-hour  monitoring of secured premises;
  • Supervision of security service work;
  • Monitoring of emergency cases, acts of terrorism via radio, TV and Internet network;
  • Immediate notification of the clients on the event of emergency situations by e-mail, sms, phone calls and other means of communication;
  • Consulting the clients on personal safety and security measures in crisis conditions;

Providing recommendations on safety measures to oppose illegal offensive actions.